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OCR Router for Fax Distribution

Automatically deliver Facsimiles to eMail, Printers, and File Folders as a PDF or Tiff Image by their OCR Text Content

OCR Router is a program that uses Optical Character Recognition on facsimiles and uses the text if finds to distribute the fax. OCR Router will route the fax to a printer, file folder or an eMail address or any combination of them based on a set of rules.

The program starts by saving all incoming faxes in an archive folder as either a tiff image or a PDF. Once saved the file is OCR'd using Microsoft Office Document Imaging (MODI). This process will captures the typed text (not handwritten).

Once the text is acquired it is read and matched to a set of rules. The rules allow the facsimile to be saved in a particular file folder, sent to a specific printer, or emailed as an attachment or a link.

The user can use as many rules as necessary to properly distribute the facsimile. For instance the facsimile could be printed on two printers, sent to three email addresses and placed in a specific folder.

This makes it ideal for when facsimiles need to be distributed among many people. For instance in a law firm it could be placed in a file folder for a particular case, each legal assistant could receive a link to it and at the same time it could be printed on the lead attorney’s printer.


Everything that OCR Router does is based on rules that are entered into the setup menu in the following manner.

Example of Rules:

Please note that all Rules are Case Sensitive and that as many as necessary can be used.

Text to search for~What to do with the file~Output

The text to search - for can be any word, phrase or combination of words and phrases separated by an "&", therefore "Keith&Sales Manager" would look for the word "Keith" and the phrase "Sales Manager" and if either were found the rule would be applied. As many words and phrases are need can be entered.

What to do with the file - the file can be saved to a folder, sent to a printer or emailed. Just enter
the folder location, the email address or the word Printer if it is to be printed.

Output - The output can be a PDF, Tiff, Link to the file or the Name of the Printer. If using a link the
link will go to the archive folder file, even if there is a rule that has the file go into a specific folder.

Example 1: Current

If "Current Solutions" was in the document it would email the file to as a PDF

Example 2: Current

If "Current Solutions" was in the document it would email a link to facsimile to

Example 3: 8139963222~C:\Sales Orders~Tiff

If 8139963222 was in the document it would be moved to the folder c:\Sales Orders and saved as a Tiff image

Example 4: Current Solutions~Printer~OKI C7200(PCL)

If "Current Solutions" was in the Fax Header it would be printed on the OKI c7200(PCL) printer

If the lines in Example 1 and Example 3 were both used the file would be emailed to and the file would also be printed.

If no matching rule is found the facsimile can be printed, emailed as a PDF or Tiff to a default user for manual distribution, or saved in a particular file folder for further processing.

OCR Router contains no facsimile receiving or sending software. It requires the facsimiles to be delivered into a file folder for processing by the users current software. The manual describes step by step how to set it up with Microsoft Fax a component of XP Professional. If assistance is needed with setup contact eDocfile at 813-298-2474 or email us.

Required Components:

Microsoft Document Imaging (a component of the Office Suite)
A method of receiving facsimiles

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