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1. Browse to the folder to be monitored. This is where the faxes are placed by your fax software. 
2. Browse to a folder to store the PDF files in. If the folder does not exist, type in a path and it will be created
3. Browse to a folder to store the original faxes in after processing. This provides storage for the original image so that there will always be a backup. If this folder does not exist, enter a path and it will be created.
4. Enter in Seconds how often the software should check for a facsimile. For instance if it needs to be checked every 5 minutes enter 300.
5. Click on this box to enable forwarding via email.

Click on Continue or to Exit without saving changes.

A new Window will open

Click on "Yes" if the facsimiles are to be forwarded and the mail account needs to be setup. If mail is not setup the Facsimiles will just be converted to PDF files.

1. Enter your email address
2. Enter your Name
3. Enter the name of the mail server. This will come from your internet service provider.
4. Enter your SMTP Mail Password
5. Enter your SMTP user name (ID). This will come from your internet service provider.
6. Enter the email address of the person the document is going to be forwarded to.
7. Enter a default subject; this will be the subject line of all faxes forwarded to you. Do not use commas in this line
8. Enter the email body text. Do not use commas in the body of the email
9. Enter the SMTP Server Port, this is usually 25; however, your mail server may require something else.
10. Place a check in this box if you want to see a status window appear when a fax is being forwarded. It will be a small window that appears in the top right corner of your screen.
11. Place a check here if your mail server requires SMTP Authentication. This is a setting that comes from your ISP as well.