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Tiff to Text

Purpose of Tiff to Text

Tiff to Text is designed to batch process Single Page Tif files with the output being Text Searchable Tiffs and a matching Text file for use in Document Management Systems. Although, it will also process multi-page Tif images, the text file will not be formatted by page. It will just have a line stating that a new page has begun. If a single page text file is desired for each page in a multi-page Tif, please see eDocfile's Identify Docs Utility. 

Tiff to Text will automatically reproduce the all of the files and sub folders in the folder selected for processing. Making it ideal for when thousands of TIFF files need to be processed, that reside in a file folder hierarchy. 
These features make it ideal for Attorneys who receive documents on a CD, instead of printing them they can convert the TIFF images in ones that are searchable and import them into their document management software along with the matching text file.

System Requirements

Microsoft Office Document Imaging is required for Tiff to Text's operation. It contains the engine that is used for processing.